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Last one for sure!

:iconnomidot: tagged me, and as much as I don't love these tag journals, I'm gonna do it for the last time. That means after this, no tag-backs. If I get tagged again, I'm not doing it.

You have to post the rules.
2.) Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3.) Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag have to answer.
4.) Choose 13 people.
5.) Go to their page and inform them they've been tagged.
6.) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that" (ignore rules 5 and 6 because they are not legit rules)
7.) You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
8.) You can't say that you don't do tags
9.) Tag-backs are allowed!
10.) YOU MUST MAKE THIS A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENT. Unless you are commenting about the actual entry.
11.) You have to finish it within a week, if not, you have to do what the creator tells you to do. (Art, rp, ect.)
12.) Be Creative with the title. No "I got Tagged".


1.) My first name means "Son of Maud". My surname means "Stoneworker". My surname from my mother's side means "Wood/Forest".
(Why do I have man's name??)
2.) I don't socialize until I have to.
3.) I use to like Sonic when I was in 6th grade.
4.) I talk to myself when I'm alone.
5.) Like Nomidot, I'm a fandom hopper.
6.) I stay up very very late.
7.) I have a freckle shape of the Big Dipper on the back of my left arm.
8.) I have been drawing since I was 4 years old.
9.) I've played video games since I was 4.
10.) I'm a gerbil.
11.) Sometimes I don't like being left alone.
12.) I have OCD
13.) I think I look weird without my glasses.


1.) What's your sexual orientation?

I'm female, also Pansexual and Bisexual

2.) Could you share some of your drawing techniques and tips?

I could lend a few pointers...First off,  Never do it overnight.
3.) Are you squeamish about blood and gore?

Okay maybe a little bit.

4.) What do you think about asexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals?

I think Asexuals and bisexuals aren't recognized enough, but I respect all kinds of sexualities. I should know, I'm bisexual myself.

5.) If you committed one of the 7 deadly sins, what would it be?


6.) Favorite fusion from SU?


7.) Did/Do you have a Mary Sue OC?

I don't think so... I'll have to check.

8.) Which fandom do you like and hate at the same time?

FNAF, because I honestly don't think the story is over yet. DAMN YOU, SCOTT!

9.) What do you think the Purple Guy was doing in that Easter egg in FNAF 4?

I think he was either helping someone in the Springtrap suit, or he was stuffing a child into it.

10.) Could you suggest an art college that offers scholarships? I really need to know.

The only art college I know is the Art Institute. I'm not entirely sure if they do scholarships.

11.) Are you an introvert or and extrovert?


12.) What programs do you use to draw, record your voice, animate and make videos?

I use ArtStudio to draw for iPad mini, I record stuff and put things together with Vidlab and iMovie.

13.) Describe me in one word.


My Questions for you

1.) Do you have siblings?
2.) What do you think will happen in the next Steven Bomb?
3.) Do you have Sugar Peas? (Drop them!)
4.) Are you use to the heat or the cold?
5.) What art techniques would you like to share?
6.) Are you social, or socially awkward?
7.) If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?
8.) If you had a choice, would you want the fiction to become real, or would you want to become fiction?
9.) Do you like nightcore music?
10.) Do you even Meme?
11.) What's your sexuality?
12.) What's your biggest secret? 
13.) Do you like pocky?

Now I tag:


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United States
I love to draw. It's what I do. And I love to read fan fictions.

I am a gerbil and I'm proud!
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Current fandom: Disney! :heart:

The sweetie to my sweetheart: :iconthetruekingcandy:

And my best friend: :iconnyra-chan: and :iconnomidot: :)

My friends who support me in my dream of becoming an animator are...



Don't better ask what I did here. by Tea-Strawberry
-Insert random Bishounen here- by Tea-Strawberry
I am happily pan! :D :heart:
Team Mickey Stamp by KessieLou

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